Borgward to Rise after 5 Decades

For those who may not quite know just yet, Borgward is in fact an automotive marquee from the land of Germany. Unfortunately enough for the brand, however, it ceased to exist a long time ago. To tell the truth, it has been dead for no less than five decades, or fifty years. Now, however, the brand is going to rise again, it is reported.

So far, there are not too many details to find anywhere in regards to the Germany automotive brand in question. Nonetheless, according to Christian Borgward, who is acting president of the company, the German automaker actually has plans to unveil during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show event. The president makes sure that he does not give out too many specifics but only hints that launching the brand once again has always been his childhood dream and this dream is about to become a reality.

The same thing also goes out of the mouth of Karl Heinz Knoss, who happens to be Borgward’s business associate. According to Knoss, the plan was actually made one decade earlier. So, today, both he and his business partner are more than ready to actually pursue their next step. As Knoss points out, he and his partner will be opening a new chapter in the Germany automaker’s history with the innovative spirit and inspirational value behind the Borgward brand. Both Knoss and his partner, Borgward, also have a firm determination to pursue success with the Germany automotive marquee in question.

For your information, the automaker was actually founded for the very first time ever by Carl FW Borgward back in the year 1919. Within 42 years after its foundation, the company manufactured all things from road going sports cars to air flying helicopters. Some of the most famous vehicle models from Borgward happen to be the P100, Isabella and the Hansa 1500.

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