Lamborghini Estoque 2010 –A Performing Athlete

by Zack Colt

Lamborghini has to launch its hybrid car “Estoque” in 2010 in Paris Auto Show scheduled for October 4 to October 18. This luxurious car will pave ways for strict emission rules in Europe. It is a sports car and the price range is about $200,000.  This car is designed in such a way for everyday use when compared to the other less used Lamborghini models. The car suits the people with versatile lifestyles and transports them comfortably to the various destinations be it a golf course, theater, business meeting or a picnic with family. The name Estoque denotes the sword borne bull killer. It is a hybrid Lamborghini’s Gallardo and sedan.

It is purely Italian and will be known for its performance, precision and power.Engine will be either V10 or V8 model. The car weight is equally distributed and the engine is based at the front portion.  All the four wheels can be driven and controlled in challenging and changing weather conditions. The President, Stephen Winkelmann had confirmed the sale of this hybrid car might reach 2000 to 3000 numbers, which is comparatively more than the present selling Lamborghini cars.

The front portion of Estoque simplifies that it is a complete sports car and can be easily identified with other Lamborghini sports models with its leaping V shape bonnet. The front portion design gives the car a stunning look and the aerodynamics look efficient. The large intakes of air contribute highly to its performance. It is believed to satisfy all safety policies and has good pedestrian protecting factors.

The concept was launched in the Paris Auto Show, 2008. It is a four-door car with four individual sport seats and is extremely spacious. The interior features a four individual sports seats made of high quality Nappo leather and are comfortable for long journey. The cockpit has a wide screen LCD monitor that monitors the route and passing vehicles.


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