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Delavilla R1 Based on Porsche Cayman Official: Info and Specs

The Delavilla company is quite a youngster in the world of tuning, having its roots in France. The latest model in range of the tuner is a rebuild based on the Porsche Cayman.

The modifications start at the bodywork, which has completely beenrevised and changed. Delavilla added 12cm of width at the front and 18cm at the rear, creating a more agressive and sporty look for the Porsche. This, merged with a new front bumper with LED lights and special fog lights manages to complete the appearance in the same idea.

Four vertical exhaust pipes, above a wide air outlet have been also added to the rear, while large air inlets required to cool the internal mechanics change completely the classic side panels of the Carrera GT.

Among all the modifications there are lambo doors, fingerprint recognition and a transparent engine cover, all summed up to 34 additional options. The final feature of the tuning package is the offering of three power levels, above and beyond those offered by the manufacturer: the first configuration offers 340hp, the second 385hp and the last up to 420hp (only for track racing).

We will deffinitely keep an eye on Delavilla, since it really promises a lot. We shall wait and see.

Source: GTSpirit

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