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Cadillac ELR Showcased at the 2011 LA Auto Show: Official Info and Photos

Among many cars that just blew our minds present at the 2011 LA Auto Show there was the Cadillac ELR luxury hybrid car. Due to the event, not only did we actually found out things about this car, but we also managed to get a first hand look with several pictures and a video of the car.

The Cadillac is set for production in 2014 and will be based off the Chevy Volt platform. The modified version of the electric propulsion system found in the Cadillac ELR will be good for 40 MPG of gas and electric driving that is emission free. In case a bettery gets low, low, the car will switch to an extended range mode allowing it to pursue hundred of miles.

We all hope this Cadillac ELR will manage to have better overall performances than the Chevrolet Volt since it is common knowledge the interior is going to be extensively redesigned for a luxury feel.

Hybrid cars are more and more these days, whichinmy personal opinionis a very good thing . We should really get used to knew and to changing things around, especially since our planet hasn’t been at its happiest time the past few years. Anyways, moreinformation will be available as soon as we get them.

Source: FancyTuning

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