Mercedes C63 BlueGreen Eliminator by Wimmer

A new project has arrived, called the BlueGreen Eliminator and it represents the Mercedes C63 tuned by Wimmer.

And what is sure about this car is that Wimmer has really gone wild with this project.
Starting with the important stuff, this car has 601 hp and 720 Nm of torque and a very long list of engine modifications. Sport air filter by K & N, high performance down pipe and special sport catalysts, and hand-made stainless steel exhaust system, ends with an electronic throttle control.

In ordder tomanage t keep up with all the speed, Wimmer has updated the car with clubsport coilover suspension by the KW, BBS – CHR VA 8,5 x19 and 9,5 x19 wheels, MOV’IT-ceramic brake system which are very pricey at 22,000 euro a set.

Well now, about the appearance, many say that its tacky and kinda stupid. I’d rather not give a personal opinion, I think this is a matter of taste. It should perfectly fit one certain kind of customers, as well as it should not fit other kinds of customers.

The engine conversion costs 19,900 euro which might be a little expensive. But then it allows you be as fast as 329 km/h.
the foiling has been provided by
The stupid foiling is provided by CamShaft and costs nearly 3000 euros.

So, I personally can’t wait to see this car on the streets,so I can really form an opinion about it.

Source: TopSpeed

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