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Cadillac Diesel to Come Again

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Cadillac‘s VP of marketing said that a diesel is “under consideration for vehicles sold outside the United States,” which means there is a slight chance for Cadillacs with diesel engines to come, however, only for Europeans.

Appearently, this move comes as a response to the fight with the rivals ooverseas, and the reply sounded exactly like this: “if that means making the right powertrain choices, then those are the choices we will have to make.” This looks like Cadillac’s representative was pretty sure on what he was talking about

However, no mention was brought about Opel’s diesels or whether General Motors would choose to develop something new, but the German subsidiary has done well with oil-burners in the Insignia, and a trial of diesels in Caddys could help use up the allotment that Saab won’t necessarily be needing. So this deffinitely soundslike a great idea.

We willkeep an eye on Cadillac’supdates on this crumb of information, and be sure of the fact that everything we manage to find out will be passedto you.

Source: AutoBlog

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