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700-hp Mercedes SLS Roadster by Brabus Unveiled

As we all are already used to Brabus making all these cool projects all around the auto world, now it has announced another creation. Based on a 700-hp Mercedes SLS Roadster, the latest project will be revealed at the Essen Motor Show.

Unfortunately, nothing official has been yet released about the specifications of this car, but we are able to guess some details because of its similarity with the hard-top Barbus SLS, and because of the fact that Brabus recipe remains always the same. A subtle yet effective body kit, huge wheels in black, upgraded brakes, springs, active body control, and a reinforced gearbox to handle the torque of the heavily tuned engine.

We think that due to the fact that the Roadster’s characteristics are different than its brothers, the aero kit is slightly different, being re-engineered.

Besides the fact that it is for sure that this car will be extremely fast, which we really love, it doesn’t look bad at all. As if we could have expected something ugly to come out of the hands of Mercees-Benz and Brabus. Check out the photos and see for yourself!

Oh, and of course, as soon as we manage to get the precise specifications, we will let you know.

Source: MotorWard

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