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Yeah, well, as I have always said, people become really stupid when put in front of a strong car’s steering wheel. But to be that stupid to manage to crash your Corvette during an autocross, which is supposed to be the safest environment to drive and show, if you please, your driving skills, is just inimaginable.

The Speed Ventures autocross event was the unhappy host of this guy’s crash. Appearently, he tried to test the strength of his own car or something, I cannot really figure what happens there, and he lost control of the wheel. Another possibility would be the fact that he tried to drift, but that would be pretty impossible to me since it was obvious there wasn’t enough space to do that. But hey, if you can crash your car in an autocross, I suppose we can expect you to do pretty much anything!

The video below shows exactly how it happened, and maybe you could enlighten me, since I don’t quite have a clue about how one is able to avoid the majority of the cones in that area and hit the wall.

Watch the video here.

Source: MotorWard

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