Man detained after his car was hit by Stockton PD patrol car, says BLM

by SpeedLux
man arrested after his car hit by stockton police PD car, BLM claims

Black Lives Matter Manteca said a young father was violently arrested after his car was hit by a Stockton police officer’s patrol car. The group is sharing a video of the police encounter that took place on Friday night. 

Sharon Washington-Barnes, a concerned family member of the victims, claimed that her sister and the father of their young 3-year-old daughter were the true victims.

“A police cruiser in the middle lane made a sharp right turn so cutting them off and tearing off their bumper,” Barnes said. “The police officer let them know they were so sorry for hitting them and to pull into a nearby shopping center so they could assess the damage and figure out what the next steps are.”

Stockton Police Department has not rejected that the officer hit the family’s car, so how did an accident involving a police cruiser start to escalate?

“A totally different officer who had just arrived on scene came rushing over and grabbing the guy, slamming him on the ground,” Barnes said.

Stockton police said they attempted to arrest a male driver walking away from the accident when a female passenger hit the officer on the hand and attempted to pull the officer away. The two were charged with resisting arrest.

“Nobody understands why they were hit. They were told to pull over,” Barnes said.

Stockton police said the case is now going through internal review together with all body cameras and video evidence. Meanwhile, the officers are still on the job as Barnes, who is also the president of Black Lives Matter Manteca, told that her family is experiencing the kind of police behavior that Black Lives Matter is working to stop. 

She said that her young niece is now dealing with trauma after seeing the events unfold.

“And she has been whining and crying ever since Friday night,” Barnes said. “She’s trying to process it all. She’s only three years old.”

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Charlotte Hopkins February 2, 2021 - 10:27 am

This is not 1st time Stockton police was driving deadly. They Ran into Back of young Black mother and killed her and her child. NOTHING was Done to those Reckless police. They Believe their above the Taxpayers in this county.

Charlet February 2, 2021 - 12:21 pm

That’s really sad I feel they need to be held accountable just like any other civilian. Because it if doesn’t start happening in today’s society I only see it getting worst. They are are abusing their authority and when the Chief of police or whoever see this type of behavior they need to act immediately at this time and remove that officer off duty without pay especially when they are looking at it like you and I. Lord have mercy on this dying world because we definitely need you more than ever before. Lord it’s time for you to take control of this world and show man who is in charge


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