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Mary Berry Vandalised Paul Hollywood’s Car & Signed Her Graffiti ‘Love Mary’

The recent incident that involved Mary berry in signing graffiti in Paul Hollywood’s car is considered to be a serious one. The co star of Paul Hollywood has recently involved in this act where she made her mark “Love Mary X” in his car. She told that she has done this just out of excitement and there is no base for the things she had done. When Paul Hollywood watched his car being vandalized by someone, he enquired about this with the security personnel and tried to figure out the real culprit at that time.

Security personnel simply added that it is Mary berry involved in it and also marked that he was there at the scene when she had made her mark in Paul Hollywood’s car. When police official, involved in the security surveillance, asked Paul Hollywood about what action to take against the vandalism, he told there is nothing serious at all to react in this aspect. Innocent Mary berry tried to rub off her marker stain in his car, but it is visible even after her attempts. Paul Hollywood mocked at Mary berry that he has not taken up his marker to make a stain in the back of Mary berry and left with his car.

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