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Maybach 57 S Coupe by Xenatec

The first public appearance of the new Maybech 57 S-based coupe will be brought to Geneva by the German coachbuilder Xenatac. A specially built pavilion in the gardens of “La Reserve” hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva steals from Palexpo center, where Geneva Motor Show will happen, the spotlight of the revelation of the four-wheeler. Strange enough to many! The presence of Maybach at the Geneva Show is rumored to have influenced this decision of the company for the place of unveiling, but nothing has been decided outright.

The car that will be on display will have its model specified by a customer. The design will have its configuration done by Xenatec designer Fredrik Burchhardt who will build the coupe exclusively for that customer. Lucky him! The paint work will be two toned, with the application of matte finish manually in few layers will give it the unique touché. Similar to that of Maybach limousines the main colors are separated by a thin grey line.

It would be sarcastic if one tags the interior of the bespoke coupe just exclusive — the mid-brown buffalo hide combines with dark nappa leather to give the all hand stitched upholstery. The owner demanded Alcantara lining for the footwells and the hedliner to be finished in nappa leather. The appearance itself says it to be too expensive – and it should given that the starting price for the world’s longest coupe (5,73 meters) is set at €675,000 (US$929,000), before taxes.

The long bonnet still has the same 6.0-liter V12 engine from the Maybach 57 S, that puts 612 ponies to tap i.e. 612-horsepower (603-bhp) and 1,000Nm (737 lb-ft of torque), beneath it. 171 mph or 275 kmph is the mark of the top speed, while the fuel consumption on an average is rated at 16.4 lt/100km (14.8 mpg).

Source: carscoop

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