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Maybach 57S Coupe on the drawing boards of Xenatec

With Daimler having no plans of producing a luxury coupe for the Maybach brand, it has given a go signal for Xenatec, an engineering company headquartered in Germany, to produce the 2-door Maybach 57S.

Xenatec will collaborate with Maybach the special 57S Coupe that will have a limited run of 100 units. Each unit will have a hefty tag price of $805,000.

The transformation of the luxury limo will involve redesigning it’s A, B, and C columns. The 2nd column will have to be pushed back by around 2 centimeters with the roofline a bit lower. The front and tail ends of the coupe will be restyled with the body getting a wider configuration while keeping the 3.39 m wheel base like its sedan counterpart.

The reworked wheel arches will fit a new 20-inch wheel or buyers can opt for a bigger alloy rim set of 21 inches.

The 57S Coupe will still use the 612 horsepower V12 6.0L bi-turbocharged engine of the standard 57S. A spring from 0 to 100 km/h can be expected to be achieved in just 5 seconds. Top speed will be pegged at 275 km/h.

Source: CarScoop

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