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Mercedes-Benz GLC Captured in Photo

Some of the car enthusiasts out there may have noticed that Mercedes-Benz is currently working on its next generation GLK model, which is going to bear the GLC moniker. Speaking of which, the car has made it into a spy photo only recently. In spite of being slated for its world premiere June this year itself, it seems that the German company is not good enough at hiding the car from automotive spy photographers out there since it has been caught on camera yet again.

Judging by the look of the car in the adjacent spy image, it is very likely that this successor to the present generation GLK model will be sporting a visual styling that is a lot sportier than the outgoing model. The spy image also seems to depict that the car will have a bigger body as well. As for the interior, if you remember correctly, images of it were already snatched before. Images of the cabin reveal that the car will be coming with an interior that uses the German company’s C-Class style. In addition, there is also going to be no less than three circular air vents as well as a tablet resembling display panel on the center console of the vehicle.

This upcoming GLC model will reportedly ride on the MRA chassis. As for its engine, it will most likely originate from the Mercedes-Benz C-Class model. The same can also be said of most of the hardware that the car is going to have. However, in the years to come, it is believed that the luxury automotive marquee from Germany will be giving the car the AMG touch. If this really does happen, buyers may as well expect a 4.0L V8 engine with twin turbochargers. Thankfully, the good news does not end here.

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLC model may make its debut at the imminent 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, especially referring to the announcement made by Mercedes that a CLC-based crossover coupe will be heading to Shanghai, China. The car will also be available in both left- and right-hand drive configurations. This could very well indicate that the model will finally be available for markets like the UK, India, Japan and Australia.

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