Mercedes-Maybach to Produce an SUV?

Recently, it seems that news related to the luxury German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, just can’t stop flooding into the automotive news media. After the recent news regarding the company’s SLK roadster successor, which will be known as the SLC, GLK successor, or the GLC, now there is yet another bit of news coming from the German marquee. This time, it comes from the mouth of Wolf Dieter-Kurz himself, the person entrusted the position of vice president at the German company. According to Kurz, the company may very well produce an SUV with the Maybach badging on it pretty soon.

Now, if you think about it, this may actually make a very good sense. After all, even such automakers as Rolls-Royce and Bentley have also built their very own SUVs. According to Kurz, if Mercedes-Benz eventually gives green light for the production of the new SUV, the car will be using the company’s GLS model as its base. In case you forget, GLS is the facelifted variant of the GL model.

Kurz also claims that the new SUV will slot alongside the company’s S-Class model. Yet, what makes the SUV even more appealing is that the company is even considering offering it with a hybrid powertrain. If this proves to be the company’s final decision, chances are, it will have an engine configuration identical to that of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 500e. Of course, since the car will be using the Maybach brand, customers will be able to find typical Maybach elements, such as the Maybach front grille, compulsory badges and even a set of Maybach wheels.

Unfortunately, the German company has yet to unveil the official pricing options for its new GLC SUV. Last but not least, Kurz reveals that the company’s next models may also receive the Maybach badging. Well, perhaps we can all expect a Maybach E-Class then.

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