Mercedes-Benz issues recall of vehicles suspected to have fuel spillage problems

by Alex

Thousands of kilograms of hazardous materials are being transported on highway network every day. These materials cause potential threat to the environment in case of spillage. Apart from the environmental threats, it also leads to the problems like carriageway closures. It is the responsibility of all the motor company vehicles to take steps against this potential fuel spillage. Mercedes showed why it is one of the most respectable companies by leading in this front. The company finds itself on all the cover pages as it has been so often in the past. This time the ever moving revolving door in the motor car industry moves again and without much surprise, the spotlight and focus is on Mercedes Benz. The moving door which is moving again is the car recalls.

The leading automaker from Germany officially issued a recall and this time it involves a number of vehicles that include the 2011 models of the E-Class, M-Class, R-Class and GL-Class. The company suggested that the reason for this mass recall of vehicles of all classes is due to the defective fuel filters. The company kept safety ahead of profits and showed commendable signs by recalling the vehicles even though that affects the top line and the bottom line of the company.

The National Highway Traffic Safety administration which is responsible for all the safety measures to be taken on the highway and also suggests the companies about the safety measures to be taken explains the reason for the mass recall by the luxury car maker. One of the most important components in these vehicle’s fuel filters is called as the O-ring. This might not have been installed properly or there might be some problem in the lubrication of the O-ring. This will most likely lead to the spillage of the fuel on the highway. This spillage onto the roads could potentially lead to dangerous driving conditions. This will affect not just the driver of the affected car but also other vehicles running on the highway.

On public interest, Mercedes has called off all the vehicles which have the doubt of proper filters. According to the internal sources and trustworthy reports, Mercedes has approximated that around 2,300 of their vehicles have defective filters and hence they are subjected to the recall of the vehicles. This recall is expected to begin a little later this month. Mercedes also reported that all the affected vehicles will go to their respective Mercedes Benz dealerships and all the problems will be fixed. Also, the owner need not incur any of the expenses required to fix the problems. This is to ensure more customer satisfaction and will also do justice to the respect that the Mercedes Benz brand name commands.

Source: topspeed

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