Man backs his Bugatti Veyron into Toyota Corolla

This is about a video which is almost three months old now. This was the time when the Point and Click generation is almost faded into the ancient history. And you might suddenly mistake us for your grandfather buying you a latest NWA CD and it would say “Your Mom says these guys are ‘hip’!”

Going to the details which are more important, a man from the United States of America took a Bugatti Veyron for a test drive in August. As he was backing out, the unexpected happened. He bumped into a Toyota Corolla, which is claimed by many as the car that comes once in a life time and which redefined luxury and style.

Though we are not sure completely about the details as we also saw the video and not live, we can claim it to be correct by approximately seventy percent. This is because that is the time when the video was uploaded; that is the last time people actually heard a woman talk about the Veyron outside the magazine Fifth Gear and also there is a Ford Crown Victoria in the back ground. So, the author claims he is at least 70 percent true.

There are a lot of comments on the video and according to them; he also scrapes the Veyron’s chin on the curb. This happened when he was reversing out and interestingly, it scraped again as he drives back in. This sounds riveting. This might not be even closely impressive as the famous Bumblebee colliding with the police car that happened a few weeks earlier. But it is still worth seeing. The reason why I am stressing on the word worth seeing is because it has one of the world’s fastest cars in the video. Not surprisingly, it can be listed fewer than one of the world’s most expensive cars also

Though the video attracted many eye balls, it is not a pleasant sight for the owner. One has to feel for his plight. It would easily cost more than 10000 US dollars to sand down and repaint the Veyron Bugatti. It also will have chump charge above that. To me, I still feel that a damaged and broken piece of Veyron is better than a perfect and drivable Versa. But everyone has their own priorities.

Source: carscoop

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