Mini taking off its ads featuring Abby Wambach following DUI arrest

Mini is taking off its ads that featured former soccer star Abby Wambach. The 35-year-old was arrested for drink-driving on Sunday. Mini USA is “re-evaluating” its relations with Wambach. Wambach was simply among the athletes that joined Mini’s just recently launched “Defy Labels” campaign. Although she was driving a 2014 Land Rover Variety Rover during the time of the arrest.

“We’re clearly concerned about the alleged DUI charges on Abby Wambach. This behavior is against the values we promote as an organization and the security of everybody on the road is a concern here at Mini,” the firm stated in an official statement. “Because of this, we are re-evaluating her association with the brand name and are pulling content that separately features Abby from our marketing. We will continue to assess the situation and weigh our choices.”

It was in Portland, OR, where Wambach was arrested after running a traffic signal in her Range Rover. Her blood alcohol material was not released by the Portland Cops Bureau, although she was referred to as “courteous and polite” during the affair, as per a statement.

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