Five New Models Are Being Considered for Mini

Recently it has been reported that Mini’s future depend upon 5 “superhero” model that are going to take advantage of the UKL platform developed by BMW for front- and all-wheel-drive applications. This comes as a outcome of the present downturn in Mini’s sales and that niche designs like the Coupe, Roadster, and Paceman didn’t offer effectively.

Following the launching of the upcoming Countryman and its plug-in variant, there aren’t many cars coming to the Mini lineup since the next generation of the two-door hatch has actually been returned to late 2021. This implies Mini’s leaders are having a tough time specifying exactly what the brand will look like in the future and are tapping the “social framework” where the brand name runs for ideas. A few of the fruits of this workout will include “Mini Living” and “Mini Style.” But the style-centric brand name isn’t really giving up on cars all together. According to Mini brand chief Sebastian Mackensen and his manager Peter Schwarzenbauer, five so-called “superhero” designs will help restore the buzz around the brand name.

At this moment, the 5 “superhero” designs consist of a sedan called the CoolBox; a minivan known as the Rumba; a smaller city car called the MiniMini; the Superleggera roadster, which was revealed as a concept prior to; and the Visitor, a compact crossover. 2 added proposals are also being examined including a four-door variation of the Paceman and an all-electric vehicle.



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