MKB P 670 for Mercedes GL 500 / GL 450 Launched: Official Specs, Price and Photos

Because the German car maker Mercedes-Benz does not offer any AMG performance conversion for the GL-class, the folks from MKB decided to create a new tuning kit for the current Mercedes GL, focusing mainly on the performance of the SUV. Undoubtedly, the most important modification brought by MKB is the V12 conversion kit which transforms the German SUV into a real beast with a range of 286 hp up to 668 hp.

If you’re a GL driver or fan, then you know that MKB offers the most sovereign engines: the MKB RD6 for the 350 CDI reach up to 286 hp, the MKB RD 8 for the 450 CDI achieve 360 hp and even 850 Nm torque. Sporty drivers get with powerful gasoline V8 in the GL 500 the MKB 50/8 and 430 hp and 550 Nm which are really good fun to drive.

However, some of you will be not satisfied with such power numbers. For those the German tuner offers the new MKB P 670 the most exclusive way to show in their Mercedes GL 500 the desired high dynamic sports car performance. The conversion to 668 hp peak performance of the MKB P670 means that the big Mercedes V8 will be swopped to the Mercedes V12 twin turbo which will be tuned by MKB on top. 

MKB points out that there is never any fear that the big power increase could create critical driving characteristics, considering that the 4-Matic-drivetrain, the automatic gearbox, the electronic control systems, the mighty MKB P 670 altogether work perfectly matched.

In terms of performance, this car takes 4.4 s to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, while the top speed is limited at 270 km/h and here stops the big acceleration push by purpose. In order to stop such a beast, MKB too offers only the best and biggest braking solution available: at the front and rear axle work 380 mm ceramic discs and 6 and 4 piston brake callipers for quick and safe deceleration. 

As for the pricing, the tuner wants its potential customers to show two very distinct properties before any ride in their MKB P670 based upon the Mercedes GL 500: to be relaxed with both time and money. It might seem weird, but they wishes this sort of customers because the conversion takes up to 6 months and MKB asks €217.568.- EURO excluding VAT for it. Keep in mind that the price of the tuning kit does not include the vehicle!

Photos Source: Automotorblog

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