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2011 Singapore Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel Is The Winner

Formula 1 must be the perfect combination of the race action with the allure. While the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore has ‘the alure with its glitz and glamor, it doesn’t quite measure up on the racing action side of the equation.

Now, it’s official: Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have lost any chance of winning the race for the world championship. With the reigning Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel on the highest step of the podium after the end of the Singapore Grand Prix, only Jenson Button can, mathematically at least, challenge him.

Day before yesterday, after the qualifying session, Vettel said that “On the last run, I tried a bit too much going into the really tricky chicane around Turn 10,” adding that, “I decided to abort the lap, as it can be so easy to damage the car.” He started from pole and, for most of the rece, Red Bull Racing star Sebastian Vettel cruised into another easy victory, his ninth this season, as he led from the start. In addition to that, he started to build an early lead by being over a second faster on each lap than his rivals in the early part of the race.

However, on lap 27, his advantage was seriously reduced because the safety car came out due to a collision between Michal Schumacher and Sergio Perez. After this collision the German’s Mercedes-Benz racecar went airborne and ended up hitting the barriers. Don’t worry, unfortunate event did not end with any serious consequences.

Sebastian Vettel, however, was able to fend off the ensuing challenge from Button’s McLaren and he crossed the finish line first ahead of the Brit, Webber, Alonso and Hamilton. After Singapore GP, Vettel is even further in the lead with 309, his nearest challengers Button, Alonso and Webber way behind with 185, 184 and 182 points, respectively, and Hamilton relegated to fifth with 168.

Let’s hope that at the Japanese Grand Prix we’ll a higher level of competition on October 9. Stay tuned for details.

Source: Carscoop
Photo Source: 2.bp

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