Pricing Finally Available for Lamborghini Aventador

The Italian manufacturer Lamborghini has finally revealed a pricing for their very much controversed supercar Aventador.
Many speculations and estimations have been made on the base of how much the new flagship supercar may cost, and many of them are a bit under the real deal.
The Italians rate the worth of the new LAmborghini Aventador to just start at $387.000, at which we add up the destination charge of $2.995 and the equivalent of tax $3.700.
Now, the Lamborghini Aventador has 6.5 liter V12 engine making 690 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque with some of the most modern technologies, which should indeed cost much, and no one expected it to be cheap but the pricing its manufacturer has settled for is little over the limit.

However, appearently the manufacturer hasn’t lost any of its customers, since the latest announcements from the factory say that they have quite the considerable sales figure already. A very important detail in the sales details of the Aventador, and especially in its pricing is the fact that it shall be only built in a limited number of 4000, exclusivity being very important to the car’s prestige and notoriety.
The Sant’Agata Bolognese based company already sold 18 months worth of production of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Source: AutoMotorBlog

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