New 2010 Nissan 350Z

by Zack Colt

After years in wilderness Nissan has made a properly sorted and make it internationally appealing sports car the Nissan 350Z. It’s far from perfect, but rawness and emotion it dishes up is almost which is unique in this price range. In comfort Ride comfort isn’t great in stiffly sprung and unforgiving 350Z, but refined and ergonomically logical cabin mean it’s still a place you can get very used to. In Performance Nissan’s 3.5-liter V6 provides Z with 309bhp, makes it good for limited 155mph and capable for hitting 60mph under six seconds. The real selling point of this drive train, however, is feeling and sounds as you get there. In Quality Despite with use of some plastics us and Europeans tend to baulk at in a sports car, 350Z sodding well stuck together and isn’t going to give any grief. Only thing you will be replacing with any regularity is the rear tires.

Handling in the 350Z is not a car to be trifled with, being compact, powerful and the rear-wheel drive. It transmits its intentions slowly and clearly, but regular one of those is power over steer. So go carefully. 350Z still stands out for its beefy and unusual styling and gets cool points is just for not being a BMW or Porsche. Those in know appreciate it how raw it is too, and so they’ll give you the nod. There are fair few clever storage solutions around cozy cockpit, but boot is massively hampered by huge rear strut brace. A real afterthought by Nissan is that one, but at least it handles as result. There’s no hiding from 350Z’s lack of frugality. Large capacity V6 and perennial urge to be gunned means that you’ll be filling up nigh-on daily. And set aside some savings for the more rear rubber.

Via Topgear

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