New High-Res Photos: 2011 Honda CR-Z

Either that Honda is not a luxury auto maker, this CR-Z looks pretty luxury and I also think that it represents the next generation of cars so it’s important for the auto maniacs to know what can do this car.

At the beginning, this 2011 Honda CR-Z was a concept but after a while they decided to build it and here we have some new high res photos with it. You should also know that when this car was a concept, it was also a hybrid and when it will be built, it will still be a hybrid car so let’s see what’s under its hood.

The 2011 Honda CR-Z is powered by a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine which is also combined with a Honda Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system. This 2011 Honda CR-Z has a total output of 122hp and also a maximum torque of 128 lb-ft which is controlled by a manual gearbox transmission.

I have to say that I would expected that 2011 Honda CR-Z would come on the market after at least 2 years but the sales will start from the second half of this year.

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  1. stop it.

    your first sentence says you either are 10 year old or just plain stupid.

  2. What language was this translated from? Because there is no way the author of this story has English as his first language. Take this article down. It’s embarrassing.

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