Confirmed for the North American Auto Market: Audi RS5

If you’re a North American citizen and at the last time a big fan of the German Auto Makers, then you should be very happy right now because as you can see in the title, the Audi RS5 has been confirmed for the U.S. and Canada Auto Market.

If you’re an European that reads this, I also have to tell you that the sales will begin in Europe from June while the sales for the North American Auto Market will begin from the end of September so there is not a very big difference of time as I was expecting.

We know that in Germany, the prices for the Audi RS5 will begin from €65,300 so the guys from Inside Line which also made this news official, also made an estimation of the price for the North American Auto Market which is at $69,000 which is quite a reasonable price for such a high quality car.

Unfortunately the auto maker thinks that the Audi RS5 won’t have many customers in the North American auto market so there may be some inconveniences comparing to the European customers but is good that the auto market still thought at the Audi fans from the North America.

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