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US presidential limousine images

New presidential limousine spotted in use for the first time

It has been a long lead-up to the new presidential limousine, but now it seems that General Motors has “The Beast” in working order for President Donald Trump. The new limousine caught public attention for the first time this weekend in New York City in Trump’s motorcade, supposedly on its way to Trump Tower. Noted to have been in development since 2013, the $15.8 million armored Cadillac is set to debut as Trump’s ride to the U.N. General Assembly this week.

The grille suggests appearance along the lines of a Cadillac CT6 V-Sport, but the similarities don’t go much far than that. If you look closely, Trump seems to be in the second “Beast” of the twin truck-based Cadillacs that go by in the below video. The limousine has a diesel engine to push its near-20,000-pound self down the road, however we couldn’t detect much of an oil-burner sound over those gigantic truck tires. This week in NYC will present motorcades and fancy presidential limos from across the world, all coming in for the big annual meeting at the U.N. Trump’s presidential limos get delivered around the world as well because they have their own plane: a C-17 Globemaster cargo carrier.

There’s no shortage of cool functions on the new limo. While some of the interesting defense mechanisms are public knowledge, we’re sure there’s more that remain classified.

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