Pair Arrested After Getting Caught Having Sex In Stolen Car

Aerial of Cairns

A lady and a 16-year-old child have been arrested after they were found having sex in a stolen automobile in Cairns, Australia.

Authorities say officers identified the set in the “throes of passion” on the back seat of the automobile, which the teen had taken from a carport at a Manoora residential complex on Saturday morning.

Police state the teen drove around the location before getting the 25-year-old female.

An off-duty policeman then saw the stolen automobile and followed it till it parked at the end of a close-by street.

The officer required assistance and when police team arrived they saw the boy and woman in a “compromising position” on the back seat.

Both are alleged of illegal usage of an automobile, the teen is likewise dealing with charges of theft, attempted burglary, belongings of presumed stolen property and unlicensed driving.

The woman will face the Cairns Magistrates Court on August 22, while the child will be handled under the Youth Justice Act.

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