October 26, 2020

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    Katie’s Cars & Coffee has measured up to its slogan as “the place to be on Saturday mornings”.

    While trying to parallel park, a lady backed her Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster convertible over a Ferrari 458 Speciale, cost around $300,000, outside Katie’s Classic Cars & Coffee.

    Video on Instagram reveals the woman, with a male and 2 children as travelers, after the crash. The stunned Ferrari owner then notifications exactly what happened.

    “That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen,” the owner stated, as viewers filmed the crash.

    Responding to the owner, the surprised woman stated, “Oh my god, I am shaking.”

    Pictures after the Mercedes was moved far from the Ferrari show significant scuffs and scratches throughout the Ferrari’s hood and bumper.

    Nobody was injured– other than most likely the transgressor’s bank account.

    The coffee shop stated on its website, it’s the “premiere automotive enthusiast gathering in the Washington D.C. / Virginia / Maryland area. Attracting hundreds of exotics, antiques and classic vehicles weekly, Katie’s is the place to be on Saturday mornings!”


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