October 29, 2020

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    air ambulance

    Air ambulance called after crash between car and tractor

    A road near Wareham was closed for more than two hours following an accident in between a car and a tractor. An air ambulance was sent to Binnegar Lane, in addition to 2 fire crews, at around 1:15 pm, as per the fire service. Cops were called to the scene at 1:14 pm after the […]

    Michigan 40 cars pileup

    3 killed in 40-Car Michigan Pileup on Icy Roads

    3 individuals were killed after slippery roads caused an enormous pileup including 30 to 40 cars on Interstate 96 in Michigan Thursday early morning. “Bands of lake-effect snow are streaming through the Great Lakes region as arctic air streams over the fairly warmer lake waters,” stated meteorologist Chris Dolce. “Those snow squalls can result in […]

    The 1994 McClaren F1

    Driver crashes $20 million worth McLaren F1 super car into a ditch

    A man who struck a multi-million dollar high-end car, McLaren F1, in into a ditch has been alleged of reckless driving. The 65-year-old Australian man was driving a 1994 McLaren F1, worth an approximated $20 million, when it drove down a ditch on Saturday early morning, in Closeburn south of Queenstown, New Zealand. The man […]

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    Virgin train

    Car struck into Virgin train at level crossing in Lanarkshire

    A car reportedly crashed into a Virgin train at a level crossing. Incident took place in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is believed the car was dragged 80 yards throughout the occurrence. The car was stated to have actually turned on to the train by mishap, and the travelers went out before it was struck. There […]

    Fiat driver crashed into Los Angeles Auto Show

    Fiat driver takes test drive and crashes into Los Angeles Auto Show

    6 individuals were hospitalized Monday after a person crashed into planter during a test drive and sent out fragments of concrete into a crowd outside the Los Angeles Auto Show, taking place in downtown Los Angeles, cops stated. An overall of 8 individuals were assessed after the crash outside the Los Angeles Convention Center. 6 […]

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    Tesla crash in Indianapolis

    A man and a woman killed in fiery, explosive Tesla crash in Indianapolis

    A fiery morning crash in Indianapolis on November 3 has resulted 2 individuals dead. They were travelling in a 2015 Tesla at a high rate of speed when the motorist lost control. The car struck into a tree then hit a parking lot. The female driving was killed in the accident. A male traveler passed […]

    Tesla , USA

    Victoria Police car rammed in Melbourne’s north, the fourth such incident this week

    A man and a woman remain in custody after driving their stolen car into a police car in Melbourne, it is the 4th such ramming in the area this week. The 25-year-old Doncaster guy is accused to have been hiding a firearm in the boot of a stolen vehicle at the time. Authorities stated the […]


    Former New York Jets player, Dennis Byrd, dies in car crash

    Dennis Byrd, a former New York Jets player passed away on Saturday in a car accident outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. Byrd, 50, played 4 years in the NFL prior to a paralyzing on-field injury ended his professional career back in 1992. However the imposing 6-foot-5-inch, 270-pound defensive lineman ended up being remembered best for discovering how […]


    Amanda Holden’s sister critically ill following car crash

    Actress Amanda Holden is at her sister bedside after she was associated with a major auto accident leaving her in intensive care. The Britain’s Got Talent judge had actually been participate in Simon Cowell’s 57th birthday celebrations when she heard the news. Her younger sister Debbie was associated with a crash in Cornwall on Thursday. […]


    Birmingham Teenager forced into car before hit and run death

    The 19-year-old was struck by an automobile in Hunton Road, Birmingham, on Friday night. West Midlands Police state it took place shortly prior to 8.55 pm, minutes after a disruption close by in The Gardens. Despite calling the ambulance the victim was later on pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. Officers are connecting it […]


    Google’s autonomous car is the victim in a serious crash

    Google introduced the self-driving model but unfortunately these were not that successful as they thought. Car accidents were the main reason that they created this kind of models. Google’s Lexus SUVs car met an accident with van but thankfully there is no life damage or loss. The people who were present during the accident said […]

    Google , USA

    Gatineau police refuses to charge after a 13 year old girl rammed car into house

    Gatineau cops say they don’t mean to charge a 13-year-old girl after she took her parents automobile without authorization and crashed it into the side of a home early Saturday morning. The incident took place prior to 1 a.m. at the crossway of Avenue de la Drave and Rue de Rouville. Authorities said the girl […]


    Woman jumps on thief’s car after purse stolen

    Yesterday nearby Dania beach, Florida, a women (Janelle Della-Libera) got stuck in an issue she was injured badly on the process of protecting her belongings. She went to the gas station to fill the gas for her vehicle, she noticed a man inside her car. She started to run nearby the car to save her […]

    Spider causes car crash in Oregon

    A Spider Present In The Rearview Mirror Makes A Girl Lose Control Over Car in Oregon

    Spider caused car crash in Oregon, USA. Unnamed women, writes off her car to a ditch while driving. This is because she had saw, spider in the rearview mirror. Thus she lost her control. But she was safe with some minor injuries in her hand. Authorities came there and investigated the scenario. They have blocked […]


    Car Was Slammed And Met With Fire, Driver dies

    Car accident was took place in Eltham north. This incident was occurred at 8PM. A single person was travelling in the car. When he was driving near the Eltham north, suddenly car caught fire and it was burnt. Emergency service was called, but the person was burned, he died. Police have filed cased against it […]


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