Plymouth Barracuda back to life?

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s design chief, stated in his latest interview that he is seriously thinking of reviving the legendary Barracuda. Ralph Gilles is also the head of the Dodge brand, which means that if the Barracuda would be brought back to life, we will almost surely see a production version. At the SEMA Show, he stated that “there’s a lot of pressure on us to bring the ‘Cuda back”. “The customers have been stomping their feet for it.”

Dodge has already revived the Challenger and the Charger, two models that have been very successful since their launch. They are planning a comeback for the Barracuda in the same way they brought back the other two models.

The only thing that is holding back the designers at Chrysler to start working is that the Barracuda is a model that was produced by Plymouth, a brand that no longer exists. This means that the name would have to be attached to Dodge or Chrysler.


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