Report: Ford Fusion Concept inspired by Evos to be Unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

If you’re one of our readers, then you might remember the Ford Evos Concept (pictured above), a car that made its official debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Well, it seems that the American car maker wants to take things to another level by unveiling at the next year’s Detroit Auto Show an all-new Fusion Concept inspired by […]

2012 Porsche 911 By Speedart is In The Work: Teaser Photo

Just a few minutes ago, the German aftermarket specialists from SpeedART unveiled their latest project based on Porsche Panamera Diesel, a tuning package that comes with an aero kit and a power kit that takes performance levels to 300 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. Well, now they have made ​​a new announcement… At this time one thing is obvious: […]

Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37 Supercharger System By STILLEN Got The Approval: Official Specs, Photos and Video

For over 25 years STILLEN has been recognized as a leader in Nissan/Infiniti tuning. With a history of setting “first time” milestones in the aftermarket for these great vehicles, STILLEN has established themselves as the company to follow when it comes to Nissan and Infiniti product development. Now, after a long time since we head […]

‘Coffee Car Mk2’, a Coffee-Powered Vehicle Breaks World Land-Speed Record [Video]

For most of us coffee is the main ‘fuel’ after a long and tiring night. Well, it seems that this life-giving plant can power not only humans, but cars as well. A small team of entrepreneurial engineers from the UK has set a Guinness World Record by breaking the land-speed record in a car powered […]

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG by Kubatech: Official Specs, Price and Photos

Not many can afford a Mercedes, but those who have bought one are definitely more than pleased with it and why would they not be, considering that a car is really special with great performance. Well, it might be, but even the most powerful car in the world may become even more powerful. This is the principle on which they went the folks […]

2012 302 Mustang Convertible by SMS Supercars Revealed: Specs and Photos

As usual, Steve Saleen held his annual car show and open house this weekend at his SMS Supercars facility in Corona, CA. At this year’s event, among many other unique cars, there was also a special unveiling… In order to celebrate the company’s partnership wit the Sturgis Mustang Rally, the company decided to build a special Mustang. Featuring […]

Car Crash: Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Ended Up Into A Tree

Mustang’s fans beware because the following details might shock you. After he tasted “a few beers” (ten, to be more exactly) a 35-year-old man decided to put his newly-acquired track-ready Mustang at a test on a local street, but things went not as the owner wanted considering that he lost control, clobbered a Jeep Grand Cherokee and caromed into […]

2012 Audi A5 Coupe DTM Unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Live Photos and Details

After released the first the sketches and images, Audi unveiled their 2012 A5 DTM at the Frankfurt Motor Show, rivaling with Mercedes’ version which was unveiled at the same event. “In 2012 new Technical Regulations will come into effect in the DTM,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “We’ve got exactly the right […]

Report: 2014 Ford Mustang To Come With Non-Retro Design For Its 50th Anniversary

Over the last 47 years Ford Mustang has been a truly symbol for the American car maker, but it’s time for a revival of the model and considering that the pony car’s 50th anniversary it’s very close, the company prepared a surprise for us. It seems that the 2014 Mustang will get an all-new look without the retro flavor, […]

Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition Unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Live Photos, Video, Specs&Price

The British manufacturer Aston Martin decided to reveal two new Carbon Edition DBS sports cars at thie year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and we can show you the first live photos and videos from the event. Aston Martin wants to replicate with this special edition the success achieved with the DBS Carbon Black launched in 2009, […]

2012 Audi A5 Coupe DTM Unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Images and Details

Following the sketches presented to the public, Audi revealed their 2012 A5 DTM at the Frankfurt Motor Show, rivaling with Mercedes’ version which was unveiled at the same event. This new model, known internally as the R17, will replace the four-door A4 DTM with which Audi has won the prestigious DTM title four times since […]

2012 Lotus Elise S Unveiled at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show: Live Photos and Specs

Next to the 2012 Lotus Exige S and Exige R-GT comes another model unveiled in Frankfurt. We’re talking about the 2012 Lotus Elise S, a model which will replace the existing Elise SC which just displayed its final hoorah with the special edition Elise SC Final Edition. The new model gets its power from a supercharged 1.8 L […]