2012 302 Mustang Convertible by SMS Supercars Revealed: Specs and Photos

As usual, Steve Saleen held his annual car show and open house this weekend at his SMS Supercars facility in Corona, CA. At this year’s event, among many other unique cars, there was also a special unveiling… In order to celebrate the company’s partnership wit the Sturgis Mustang Rally, the company decided to build a special Mustang.

Featuring a legendary Saleen color, Lizstick Red the 2012 SMS 302 Mustang Convertible is a premiere for the car considering that this is the first time that a car built by this company has featured this one of a kind color.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, this convertible looks just as good on the 302 as it did on previous Saleen-built vehicles, being the eighth 302 Mustang built by SMS for the 2012 model year.

Of course, the overall appearance can’t be enough for a truly Mustang fan, so the manufacturer decided to add a couple extra features not found on the standard 302 Mustang in order to meet the most rigorous demands. Under the sheet of metal is an Airaid Cold Air Intake and a Boss 302 intake manifold from Ford Racing to make the 5.0-liter V8 even more powerful. According to Steve Saleen, the man behind the project, the car has more than 500 naturally aspirated horsepower. In addition to these extra engine modifications, the 2012 SMS 302 Mustang Convertible comes with the SMS fully body kit, sitting on 20-inch chrome wheels, while the 14-inch front brakes with drilled rotors, upgraded exhaust and S4 suspension system makes this car more safer and more powerful.

At the inside, this convertible features full leather and Alcantara interior.

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