The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The re-birth of an icon

Stating that Chrysler has a great deal invested to make 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee as success is like comparing Ferrari to just an ordinary auto manufacture. A recently contrived Chrysler-Fiat business partnership has released their first luxury sedan in the form of the Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee is being nailed down as an SUV plying not only to Jeep’s tough off-road market segment, but also into the luxury SUV market segment.

Jeep’s Bob Hegbloom in a video interview Pentastar Video spent his precious time conversing about the conscientious process associated with instauration of the Grand Cherokee. Hegbloom has set the groundwork for Jeep to continue to maintain its brand image as a rugged SUV and to continue placing a premium on customer satisfaction.

The Jeep has pronounced to furnish the brand-new Grand Cherokee a distinguishable uplift on its own. This uplift comprises of increasing the SUVs legroom and adding a reclining rear seat, carrying out an exhaustive durability test consisting of test-driving the SUV a total of a staggering 2.5 million miles. The aforementioned uplift aims at positioning the Grand Cherokee as a car veracious to its rootage nonetheless targets infiltrating into the luxury SUV market place.

Source: topspeed

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