Report: Audi Q7 delayed for an emergency redesign

The Audi Q7 has been on the market for what seems like an eternity but as per one of the latest reports, the next-generation model has been delayed for an emergency redesign.

As per the report from Motor Trend, it states that the seven-seat crossover is going back under the knife as management felt that the styling was too brutal and ostentatious. There are also other rumors that the styling fiasco could have played a part in Wolfgang Dürheimer’s downfall as the last minute redesign is expected to cost the company a whopping $260 (€195) million approximately and delay the model for an unknown period of time.

Despite all these problems, development work on the model seems to be progressing well as the publication has managed to obtain photos of a full-body prototype undergoing testing. In the image, the model is heavily camouflaged but it appears to have an evolutionary design with an aggressive front fascia and crisper lines.

Well the cost and stakes involved are quite high and it is good for the company that they make the necessary changes at the earliest so that the model is out in time and not much loss is faced.

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