Rio apartment emerges as the new battleground for Nissan, Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn Renault-Nissan

A Rio de Janeiro apartment having cash, art works and personal belongings of Carlos Ghosn has become the new battleground between the indicted former Nissan Motor chairman and the automaker.

Ghosn is looking to retrieve “personal belongings, documents, cash, objects and art pieces” from the beachfront apartment, which is owned by Nissan. The company states the home could contain evidence of financial misbehavior, according to its filing in a Brazilian court previous week.

The legal dispute has been fierce these days, indicating that Ghosn and Nissan are not just clashing in Japan, where Ghosn was arrested previous month and was officially charged on Monday, but elsewhere in the world.

Ghosn’s family obtained a favorable injunction earlier week that was quickly overturned.

A source at Nissan in Brazil stated on Monday afternoon the Ghosn family still lacked access to the apartment. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported the family obtained another favorable court decision on Monday however a Nissan spokesman stated the company believed this was incorrect.

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