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Segolene Royal

Segolene Royal: French sales prohibition not ruled out in dieselgate probe

France will look for more details from criminal investigations into Renault and Volkswagen diesel emissions prior to choosing whether to prohibit any of their cars from sale, Environment Minister Segolene Royal stated on Thursday.

Addressing to European parliamentarians in Strasbourg, the French minister likewise said an assessment of Renault engine software was underway, with initial findings due next month.

“We will be asking the consumer scams investigators and prosecutors to communicate any findings that will allow us to establish whether it’s required to withdraw sales authorisations,” Segolene Royal stated.

Following Volkswagen’s exposure for using software to cheat U.S. tests, Renault and others have brought in analysis for their own use of “defeat devices” that reduce the effectiveness of innovation to filter poisonous nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust.

A Renault representative refused to comment.

Volkswagen and Renault face French criminal investigations based on suspicions outlined to prosecutors by the DGCCRF customer fraud agency that they had broken emissions regulations.

Public energy research firm IFPEN is still taking a look at Renault engine software, Royal said. “It’s underway and will be published. We’ll have the first results in December.”

Numerous automakers consisting of Renault, Opel and Fiat use engine software application to minimize the efficiency of their anti-NOx technology outside specific conditions and temperature level ranges.

Specialist opinions differ regarding whether such software is legal under EU law, which enables defeat gadgets when deemed essential to safeguard the engine.

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