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Shelby launches Limited Edition 2012 Shelby GT350, Convertible Option also available for the first time since 1970

The Chicago Auto Show in 2011 witnessed the launch of the limited edition 2012 Shelby GT350. It emerges with its availability in two different colors and a convertible body style, the first of its kind since 1970. The Shelby GT350 comes with three engine choices, including a base version with a naturally aspirated 430HP V8 mated to either a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission, and two supercharged variants delivering 525HP and 624HP. The design and architecture is based on Ford Mustang GT.

The body gets tinted in Race Red and Kona Blue, with white Le Mans stripes. What awaits for 2012 is the launch of the vehicle adorned in Performance White with blue Le Mans stripes. The new GT350 convertible can be ordered with a light bar, while other options include a once piece drive shaft and color coordinated billet aluminum engine cap set. This adds to the surprise.

“Last year, we brought back the GT350 45 years after it was launched,” said Carroll Shelby, founder of Shelby American. “They look and sound just like the ones we built in 1965. We’re repeating history by offering two additional colors and building a few convertibles for the second year of production.”

Prices, not including the donor Mustang GT, start from US$26,995 for the naturally aspirated version and US$33,995. 350 units is the upper threshold of production set by the company.

Source: carscoop

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