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Are you looking for the shipping of a car from Canada to the US? Do you have no idea how rental car relocation from Canada to the United States takes place? If yes, then you have the nail on its head by visiting our website!

It becomes way too complicated to ship your bits and pieces through flying rather than driving by yourself since you have to make numerous cross-country moves. In such a situation, you have to figure out the whole process of shipping your car from one country to other. Also, you have to consider all the logistics and calculations to make the expenses meet your financial blueprint beforehand. We have discussed everything required for a successful rental car relocation from Canada to the US in this article. So, without any further ado, take a look at the helpful hints necessary to ensure that the whole process goes smooth.

Reasons for shipping a car from Canada to the US

Aside from just moving out, there could be several other reasons behind shipping a car from Canada to the US. Some of these reasons include:

  • Selling your vehicle to some buyer in the US
  • Sending your car for a display in an event or an automobile show
  • You might want to bring your vehicle with you for a vacation
  • Some temporary work or studies in college
  • Gifting a car to someone in the US

How to do the rental car relocation from Canada to the US

No doubt you will have to do a little research before the rental car relocation. There are some rules and regulations to follow to make cross-border shipping of automobiles. However, we have listed all the salient tips and methods step-by-step for your convenience. By following these simple tips, you can effortlessly ship your car from Canada to the US.

  1. Selection of the right car shipping company for rental relocation

The first thing one should immediately do is to find a trustworthy and reputable automobile shipping company. This step will help a lot in shipping one’s car from Canada to the United States. You can search for the free online directory of automobile shipping companies. They will find out the most suitable company for you available in your area without a hitch. By visiting their websites, you can contact them and consequently get the quotes for the shipping.

To your knowledge, you will end up finding a lot of good car shipping companies. So, you have to choose wisely from the list. The total expenses and the availability of the company must be the basis of your verdict. Make sure that your selected company checks off the following boxes:

  • It has a proper license and insurance (you can verify it by checking out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website)
  • It has a worthy rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Considerable Google reviews

If your chosen automobile shipping company meets all these three requirements, then you are good to go with this company. After selecting the right company, you should request quotes. One should always get quotes from more than one company to succeed with the best deal.

  1. Calculation of the expenses required for rental car relocation from Canada to the US

There are plenty of factors contributing to the total cost of shipping a car from Canada to the US. You should highly consider these elements and aspects before the rental car relocation. Try asking out someone who has already shipped his car in the past from Canada to the US. It will help you a lot in figuring out the total amount of expenses and billing. Moreover, this act will also assist you in selecting the right automobile shipping company or car courier service. 

Some of the factors that are the basis for estimating the total expenses include:

  • The total distance for the car shipping from Canada to the US – the greater is the distance, the more will be the total amount due to more fuel cost, tolls, and labor charges
  • The type or method of transport you are using – open-air shipping will charge you less, on the other hand, the enclosed transport method is comparatively more expensive
  • The weight or size of your car – the more is the weight of your vehicle to be shipped, the more will be the shipping cost
  • The model and type of your car – it means whether you are transporting your pickup, SUV, van, jeep, or any other vehicle, the cost will vary according to the model
  • The time of year or the season you are shipping your car – usually, you will end up having heavier bills if you are relocating your car in summers rather than in the winter season
  1. Choosing the method of transportation to ship your car

Typically, there are two methods of transportation for the shipping of a car. You can choose one for the rental car relocation from Canada to the US. These two types are as follows:

  • Open-Air Method of Transportation – In this method, the drivers ship the vehicles without the enclosure. You might have seen carriers on the road carrying nine to ten cars at a time. Each of these cars is safely secured with the carrier base, so it is a safe method. The plus point of this method is that it is budget-friendly. However, this method is more likely to expose your car to damage as it is an open-air way for the shipping. So, people prefer this method usually when they intend to cover shorter distances.
  • Enclosed Method of Transportation – In this method, the drivers ship the vehicles within a container or an enclosed carrier. The container aptly covers your car with walls from all four sides along with a roof and floor. So, there are no chances of exposure of your vehicle towards damage. Also, there are usually three to five vehicles in the carrier at a time, so this method is comparatively safer. However, the enclosed type of transportation is a bit costly. Hence, you should prefer this method if you are shipping an expensive car.
  1. Early scheduling of the rental car relocation

Shipping your car from Canada to the US might seem effortless, but it is not that easy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are various things to consider before cross-country shipping of a vehicle, as the whole procedure is a logistical puzzle. Calculate the distance the car will cover in shipping, as well as the time it will take. Taking these things into consideration will ease the process of rental car relocation from Canada to the US. The auto shipping company will support you in this regard.

  1. Making your car ready and perfect to go for shipping

Prepping up your car before it goes on the highways is extremely important. It circumvents your car from any accidents, hitches, and technical problems. The auto shipping company also lends a helping hand in this process, but you should do it yourself for self-satisfaction. Follow these steps to make your car ready for shipping:

  • Do a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from inside as well as outside.
  • Check out the fuel gauge – it should not be more than quarter-full.
  • Remove the necessary documents, showpieces, and all the other items from your car.
  • Check out the car battery and make sure that it is fully charged.
  • Check out the tires of the car – they must be inflated and in good shape.

We recommend you properly check out your car and ensure that there is no damage from any side. You can take pictures from every angle of your automobile as proof. In this way, you can claim any damage (if done) later.

  1. Collection of the essential documents required for rental car relocation from Canada to the US

You will have to fill and submit the following documents for shipping from Canada to the US:

  • EPA Vehicle Declaration form
  • DOT Vehicle Declaration form
  • US Custom Invoice
  • Registration copy of your vehicle

On the other hand, there are some documents that you will need to provide to the auto shipping company for smooth shipping. These documents include:

  • 3299 form
  • Vehicle ownership copy
  • Driver’s license copy
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Auto insurance letter copy
  • Passport copy
  • Permission letter

Other ways for rental car relocation

If you do not want to work with an automobile shipping company, you can also go for alternative ways. Some other strategies for rental car relocation from Canada to the US are:

  • Hiring a personal driver
  • Shipping through a friend or a family member
  • Hitching your vehicle to a moving truck

In a nutshell, rental car relocation from Canada to the US can go smoothly and safely if you follow our mentioned instructions. The first and foremost factor we should consider is safety, then comes the budget. Therefore, choose a reputable automobile shipping company that is on the top of communication during the whole procedure. Devote your time for the shipping process to be on the safer side.

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