Should You Buy A French Car?

by SpeedLux

France. Our mortal enemies of ancient times, then friends, and so on back and forth throughout history. Nowadays we get on pretty well with our Gallic counterparts and even emulate their way of life in a display of admiration. We in England love a good French restaurant. French food is seen as seductive and sexy, which are qualities not so closely aligned with the world’s perception of the average Briton. Then you have wine. Lots of wine. Vineyards cover large swathes of France, and it is one of their most popular exports. Any visit to Paris will be a reminder that the French are big on fashion. From the haute couture houses of Chanel to the Dior dominated districts of the city, fashion and design are everywhere.


Another French export that includes strong design tendencies is their cars. There are a few well-known distributors, mainly Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. Of course, there is also a world class supercar maker among them in the form of Bugatti, which a lot of people seem to think is Italian. But less about that as here we focus on the everyday fare of the common man. Christiano Ronaldo, you can stop reading now!

Let’s look at some of the most successful French autos that have happily made the journey across the channel.

The Citroen DS3 is a very slick supermini, and one of Britain’s most popular French cars. This vehicle is known for a vast array of customisation possibilities such as a two-tone roof design. It also features a range of different alloy wheels. You could discuss these possibilities with a dealer like Pentagon Group, who will happily advise you. These Citroen models tend to be well equipped, comprising a stylish interior and the alloy wheels as standard. Other models like the Dstyle Plus bring cruise control, automatic headlights and climate control to the party. It only comes a three door version but not to worry. There is plenty of room for up to five adults.


The Renault Megane in available wearing many different body styles and still remains a much sought after car. The hatchback is the one most people go for, probably because it provides a lot in regard to its sports car look and practical uses. The Megane is a very satisfying car with a nice smooth ride quality and responsive handling capabilities.

The Renault Twingo is the ultimate French runabout. Its minor dimensions of the car and light steering result in it being considered perfect for darting through busy roads in towns and cities. Contemporary design means that Twingos look rather appealing. They are blessed with the classic Renault look that is apparent in the rest of their offerings.

Is it time to bring a little Latin love into your life? Then look into getting yourself a French car, and maybe some if its charm will rub off on you. All you need now is a bottle of fine wine, a bunch of roses and a reservation at the local French eatery to make anyone swoon!

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