Tesla Autopilot and smartphone distraction caused fatal crash, says NTSB

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Tesla’s partially automated driving system autopilot steered an electric SUV into a concrete barrier on a Silicon Valley freeway as it was operating under conditions it couldn’t manage and because the driver probably distracted by playing a game on his smartphone, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found. The board made the conclusion Tuesday […]

Tesla sues ex-Autopilot head Sterling Anderson over recruiting engineers for new venture

Tesla Model X

Tesla sued the former head of its Autopilot system Sterling Anderson, accusing the executive attempted to recruit Tesla engineers for his new venture with the ex-head of Google’s self-driving program despite he was still working at the electric auto company. Tesla Motors stated that Sterling Anderson, who till early January was the non-technical program manager […]

Tesla’s New Software Update Allows Their Self-Driving Cars To Break Speed Limits

Tesla Model S

Tesla‘s self driving vehicle technology has been quite an impressive new technology. Back in the 1990’s, technology like self-driving/autopilot vehicles seemed downright futuristic. But autonomous car technology is steadily becoming more mainstream. Tesla first made headlines for releasing their Tesla Roadster in 2008, which was the first production model electric sports car designed for use […]

Tesla hires Apple veteran, Chris Lattner to run its Autopilot software

Chris Lattner

Tesla Motors has hired long-serving Apple technologist Chris Lattner to operate its Autopilot self-driving vehicle software, at a time when the iPhone maker is refocusing its own automotive efforts on self-driving systems. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has set an enthusiastic target of end of 2017 to enable its automobiles to drive coast-to-coast throughout the US […]

Dutch agency weighs Tesla’s use of ‘Autopilot’ name

Tesla Model S

The Dutch agency that authorized Tesla‘s “Autopilot” motorist help system for usage throughout Europe said Monday it is considering what action to take, if any, on the name after numerous German organizations stated Autopilot could be misleading. “The RDW has no formal viewpoint about the name Autopilot, as generally we just consider technical elements and […]

Germany tells Tesla to stop promoting ‘autopilot’ in its car advertisements

Tesla Model S

Berlin has officially Tesla to stop promoting its cars as “autopilot,” just days after the authorities cautioned Tesla owners the feature existed simply for help, and certainly not as a complete self-drive function. A Transport Ministry spokesperson validated to Reuters a Sunday report in Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which stated that a written request been […]

German Transport Ministry calls Tesla’s Autopilot A ‘Traffic Hazard’

Tesla Model S

The Auto-pilot function on Tesla Motors‘s Model S with a substantial “Traffic Hazard”, as per with an internal report for Germany’s Transport Ministry viewed by magazine Der Spiegel. Professionals in the Federal Highway Research Institute brought out tests on the electrical vehicle and criticized it on numerous points, the magazine reported. It notes examples like, […]