Tesla Model 3 rated to be 10 times safer than an average car

by SpeedLux
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 sedan could wind up being substantially much safer than the average car presently on the road, as per Morgan Stanley expert Adam Jonas.

And client preferences recommend that level of safety will be a significant driver of sales, he included.

“We think the Model 3 will include hardware and software that supply a level of active safety that might significantly lead all other cars on sale today and could, if the company accomplishes its goal, be an order of magnitude (i.e. 10x) more safer than the average car on the road,” Jonas composed in a note Thursday. “According to almost every OEM we speak with, safety is the number 1 factor of vehicle purchases. Try to find safety to be the ‘ah-hah!’ moment for this vehicle due to release this year.”

Jonas’ argument depends on the technical potential of Tesla’s Autopilot system and the company’s capability to gather substantial driving data from consumers.

Tesla presently pulls about 5 million miles of road data every day, and Jonas believes that could double during the next 15 months.

If Tesla proceeds with its Tesla Mobility ride sharing business, the quantity of information could rise to 400 million miles each day by 2025 or 2030. Jonas said that would be 4-times larger than his price quote for Uber’s present fleet.

The safety of Tesla’s cars has been the topic of debate and analysis. Tesla cars have been associated with accidents that have amassed worldwide attention, maybe most significantly in the case of one fatal accident in Florida in May last year that happened while Auto-pilot was engaged.

But following that crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded an examination of Tesla’s Autopilot with a report noting that no safety flaws were responsible for the crash, and that data reveal that crashes in Tesla vehicles stopped by nearly 40 percent after the automaker installed its Autosteer feature in its cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also stated he thinks the Tesla’s technology can reduce the rate of auto accident down by 90 percent.

Jonas has the equivalent of a “buy” ranking on the stock and a $305 cost target. Tesla shares were a little higher in trading Thursday, hovering around $257.14, up 2.2 percent.

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