The Hum Rider drives over the top

The Hum Rider images

Ever imagined removing the gridlock of vehicles in front of you at the press of single button? So has the team at Verizon, who has crafted a traffic-eliminating automobile that has chauffeur’s imaginations racing.

The company is showing a video of The Hum Rider, a fanciful vehicle that raises above traffic height with the assistance of hefty hydraulic legs.

“Can your car do this?” the video jibes as it shows the Hum Rider rearing up on its legs and driving actually over the traffic in front of it.

It concludes by showing the automobile to not enter in commercial production, and goes on to spruik Hum by Verizon – a device that plugs in to vehicle’s diagnostic port, using services such as roadside support, automobile diagnostics and speed cautions.

The imaginative drive of the task is courtesy of content marketing company Thinkmodo, who wishes for a viral spiral of its video as it has accomplished in the past.

The company supposedly contracted a mechanical engineer to produce the purpose-built task that took roughly eight weeks.

While it took a marketing company to realize the concept, the automobile fine-tunes the imagination and hints at the capacity of innovation to conquer metropolitan vices such as traffic congestion.

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