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Tesla informed regulators about Autopilot crash 9 days after accident

Tesla Motors notified regulators to a fatality in among its electrical automobiles in partial self-driving Auto-pilot mode nine days after it crashed, the business said on Tuesday, protecting its choice not making the accident public prior to a federal examination was revealed.

Tesla learnt more about the crash of the Model S sedan in Florida quickly after the May 7 crash, and on May 16 it disclosed the incident to the government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on June 30 declared an investigation.

The news comes as the automaker faces pressure on a number of fronts. Its bid to purchase roof solar power business SolarCity has been questioned by investors, and over the U.S. July 4 vacation weekend, it divulged that second-quarter car production missed out on business targets.

Autopilot is among the most advanced and most promoted Tesla technologies and presently in beta or test mode. That has actually spurred questions – consisting of in a short article by Fortune magazine – over whether the automaker and regulators must have informed the public earlier of the death.

On Tuesday, Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted in reaction to the article about the timing of the disclosure that the May death “wasn’t material” to Tesla.

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