Tesla Model 3 will now cost more than $35,000

$35,000 Tesla Model 3

Tesla has modified the Model 3 lineup and increased prices because of newly standard Autopilot and removing the least costly Standard Range model from its online ordering

The Standard Range car, is now going to cost more than the originally announced $35,000 base price ($36,200 with destination), now would be available only by special order.

Only eight weeks after Tesla announced the long-awaited “$35,000” version of the Model 3, it is modified the lineup and removing the least costly Standard Range model from its online ordering.

Tesla states the Standard Range car is now only available through special order either over the phone or at a physical store of Tesla. Its base cost will also boost as all Model 3s now come standard with Autopilot driver-assist functionality, which was a $3000 option before.

Tesla isn’t informing how much more the base SR car is going to cost.

This Standard Range Plus Model 3 is now the least costly version available to order online and is now priced at $40,700. It comes with what Tesla refers as “Partial Premium interior,” which consists of power front seats, leatherette upholstery, an upgraded audio system, and navigation.

This event sparks the concern if Tesla actually constructed or delivered any of the originally announced Standard Range Model 3 vehicles to customers.

The other models now available online consists of the Long Range and the Performance, both of which now come standard with all-wheel drive. Tesla states the rear-wheel-drive Long Range model is now special-order-only as well.

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