Volkswagen states agree to hold settlement talks regarding environmental claims

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Volkswagen AG and numerous U.S. states that took legal action against the German automaker looking for numerous millions of dollars in damages for state law violations agreed to hold settlement talks, the automaker stated in a court filing Tuesday. Volkswagen has been sued over excess diesel emissions connected to its use of “defeat devices” by […]

Volkswagen gets German approval for technical fixes on 140,000 2.0-liter cars

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Volkswagen has got approval by Germany’s motor automobile authority Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) for technical repairs on another 140,000 2.0-litre diesel automobiles with prohibited emissions control software, a representative stated. The variety of Volkswagen automobiles cleared for repair work by the KBA from the start of the year has actually increased to about 5.2 million, the representative […]

Volkswagen receives approval for another 460,000 diesel-car repairs

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Volkswagen has achieved German regulatory approval for technical repairs on another 460,000 diesel cars with illegal emissions software, it stated on Sunday, raising the number of automobiles cleared for repair work to more than 5 million. Approval by Germany’s motor car authority KBA stands for countries throughout Europe where 8.5 million diesel vehicles are impacted […]

Consumer Reports Tells Volkswagen Should Pay Diesel Owners More

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Prominent U.S. magazine Consumer Reports advised the Justice Department to hike payment to 475,000 owners of contaminating Volkswagen diesel cars and permit owners who select a repair to reconsider. In comments submitted on Friday on the proposed contract, the publication stated the buyback offer undervalues market prices and advised the usage of values that “would […]

Volkswagen lawyer states 3.0L diesel cars will likely be repaired, not bought back

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A Lawyer for Europe’s biggest automaker, Volkswagen, informed a United States district judge today that the automaker will most likely be able to repair the 85,000 outstanding 3.0 L diesel Verandas, Audis, and Volkswagens that were likewise discovered to flout emissions regulations, following discoveries that almost 500,000 2.0 L diesel cars were built with unlawful […]

United Auto Workers: Volkswagen reneged on deal to recognize union

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A signed agreement reveals that Volkswagen authorities broke a pledge to acknowledge the United Auto Workers without another vote at the automaker’s only U.S. plant in Tennessee, a top union official stated Tuesday. Gary Casteel, the UAW’s secretary-treasurer, brought the 2014 file specifying that Volkswagen would acknowledge the UAW as the representative of its members […]

Bild: Volkswagen shareholder families close ranks ahead of AGM

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The Piech and Porsche who manage Volkswagen showed unity ahead of next week’s yearly general meeting, daily Bild reported, just as the carmaker is remodeling its company following diesel emissions scandal. In an interview released in the German tabloid’s Friday edition, supervisory board members Wolfgang Porsche and Hans Michel Piech dismissed reports that alleged the […]

Volkswagen Disputes U.S. Jurisdiction in Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen is challenging claims made by the Justice Department over its diesel emissions scandal, disputing the American authorities’ jurisdiction and contending that the allegations against it do not justify charges. The Justice Department took legal action against Volkswagen in January, saying that the automaker had actually installed unlawful devices in nearly 600,000 cars sold in […]