Tesla caught on camera saving its driver’s life and avoiding a crash

Tesla caught avoiding crash and saving driver's life

Surprising footage shows a Tesla saving its driver’s life by pertaining to a sudden halt – regardless of not having its autopilot system turned on.

The Tesla Model X responded faster than the person behind the wheel to prevent a catastrophe when an SUV unexpectedly skidded to a halt on a freeway.

Dashcam video, taken inside the car, shows the chauffeur swerve to avoid a crash prior to gaining back control and drawing back onto the roadway.

It is believed that the automobile utilized its Automatic Emergency Braking system (AEB) during the occurrence.

Sensors mounted on the automobile notified the Tesla’s computer to the impending crash, sounding the horn and using the brakes.

The footage will come as a welcome relief for the automaker, which has been criticized because of its autopilot mode, believed to have been associated with a variety of accidents.

Critics say the function is wrongly called, because it does not drive the vehicle on its own, and that the name may deceive drivers into providing less attention behind the wheel.

It is unclear where the footage was recorded, although the motorist appears to have an American accent.

In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that all Tesla vehicles ‘from here on out’ will be developed with full autonomous ability – including the Model 3.

Musk declares the technology will quickly make it possible for complete autonomy all the way from LA to New York, saying this would be achieved ‘without the need for a single touch.’

As per the company, Model S and Model X vehicles with the brand-new hardware are ‘already in production.’

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