Tesla reportedly halts car production at Chinese plant

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Tesla has halted production this week at its factory near Shanghai, Bloomberg reported. 

Factory workers were supposed to get back from a five-day Labor Day break on Wednesday, but were told to increase the holiday and return as soon as Saturday, Bloomberg reported, mentioning unnamed sources. 

The company informed Bloomberg that its Shanghai factory is closed due to normal maintenance work.

It is not clear why Tesla halted its operations at the plant that’s generally operated six days a week. But the move means that the automaker isn’t making any cars worldwide, as operations at its California plant are suspended because of the coronavirus. Tesla previously shut down the Shanghai plant for about two weeks amid Covid-19 health orders there, but restarted quickly with help from local government. 

Bloomberg reported that the company is dealing with problems with a crucial piece of manufacturing equipment and could also start experiencing delays in receiving Model 3 parts. Some Tesla workers are on-site at the Chinese plant for inspection, maintenance and repair, the report noted.

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