Tesla Limits Latest Vehicles to a Maximum Self-Driving Speed of 45 miles per hour

Tesla Model S

Last October, Tesla presented an advanced hardware suite for its Auto-pilot semi-autonomous driving program. This hardware will ultimately enable full autonomy, Tesla assures. However in the meanwhile, the technology is being placed on a short brief leash. Tesla CEO Elon Musk affirmed recently that Autopilot will be presenting to cars geared up with the company’s […]

Tesla publishes 9.4 percent drop in quarterly deliveries

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors stated on Tuesday fourth-quarter deliveries dropped 9.4 percent because of short-term production difficulties from the shift to a new auto-pilot hardware. Deliveries dropped to about 22,200 automobiles in the 4th quarter from 24,500 automobiles in the preceding quarter. Overall deliveries for last year of 76,230 likewise disappointed the automaker’s forecast of 80,000 to […]

Consumer Reports criticizes Tesla’s ‘flawed’ Model X

Telsa Model X images

The publication, Consumer Reports’ review of Tesla’s Model X panned the all-electric SUV as a “problematic” car, blasting its “complexity”, jeopardized performance and dismal first-year reliability. The publication appeared just barely impressed by Model X’s popular “falcon-wing” doors, or by its “jet-fighter-like canopy windshield” or by the fact that the vehicle can park itself. “However […]

Tesla purchases Germany’s Grohmann Engineering to help ramp up electric car manufacturing

images of tesla model 3

Tesla Motors has accepted to purchase Germany’s Grohmann Engineering GmbH Grohmann Engineering makes automated manufacturing systems for batteries and fuel cells, as the company looks to broaden its production over sixfold by 2018. Unlisted Grohmann Engineering, established in Pruem, Germany, assisted Tesla competitors Daimler and BMW construct production centers for electric vehicle batteries. Tesla is […]