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Manhattan beach crash

Three dead and three injured after car crash in Manhattan beach

Three people died and at least three others were injured after a four-vehicle crash in Manhattan beach on Tuesday.

Officers from the Manhattan Beach Police Department were notified of the crash on 9:46 p.m. Tuesday to Sepulveda Boulevard and Marine Avenue where the four vehicles crashed.

Cars involved in the crash were a BMW, a Volkswagen, and a Prius.

One of the vehicles struck a nearby building housing the Coast Music Store, and Sepulveda Boulevard was littered with debris due to the crash.

Two men and one woman were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two adults and a juvenile were hospitalized.

Christian Mendoza, 48, of Redondo Beach, and Katie-Jay Scott, 40, died at the scene.

Another casualty was a man in his 50s whose identity is yet to be released.

Police believe the entire crash was caused by a chain reaction.

No arrested were made as of yet and the crash remains under investigation.

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