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Illinois State Police

Three killed after two-car crash in Carbondale, Illinois

Two students from Telangana, India, and an American woman were killed after a two-car crash in Carbondale, Illinois on Thursday.

A 23-year-old identified as Pavan Swarna and his friend 23-year-old friend Vamshi Krishna Pechetty were killed in a head-on crash when Pavan was at the wheels of one of the cars and a group of 10 students in two separate cars were getting back after shopping and then one of the cars was hit by another vehicle.

A 32-year-old American woman identified as Marie Meunier of Cape Girardeau who was driving the other car died as well.

Three others traveling Swarna were injured and hospitalized.

Those injured have been identified as Kalyan Dorna, Karthik Kakumanu and Yashwanth Uppalapati were injured in the crash.

Illinois State Police investigated the crash.

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Sunday shared condolences over the deaths of the two students from the state and urged the Ministry of External Affairs to provide medical assistance to three Indians who were injured.

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