Top 10 Most common Accidents you’ll have with the Car

by Ron Grant

While your car premium might go up the faster your car gets, studies show that the most common vehicular accidents don’t even involve crashing. Most of them can happen while you’re still in the garage and your keys aren’t in the ignition yet. Read on to find out if you’re being careful enough, or if you’re actually part of this odd statistic.

1. Closing the Door

According to the Forbes studies, the most common injuries involving cars happen when you’re closing the door. Apparently, even the smartest drivers who can dodge an oncoming death truck are likely to injure their hands when closing the door. About 148,000 Americans hurt their hands this way, ranging from a crushed finger to broken bones on the entire hand.

It takes about seven pounds of pressure to break a bone and if you slam the door shut on a finger, it just goes to show how attentive you are.

2. Overexertion

While this sounds odd, the second most common injury that happens to car owners is overexertion. How is this possible? People can suffer from heat stroke or cardiac arrests while they’re trying to unload a car. Half of the time, this happens when they’re trying to push a stranded vehicle using their own muscles and will power, too. Have you ever heard of a tow truck? Surprisingly, 84,000 Americans report this injury.

If you’re stranded in the middle of a desert, though, it’s easy to see how this can be possible. Even if you’re unloading heavy objects out of your vehicle, and there’s no other way to do it but to do it yourself, the best way for you to avoid overexertion is to pace. You should never try to life objects that are too heavy for you, either. You should use a cart to transport heavy boxes and bags or try to have someone lift it with you.

3. Falling off the Vehicle

The third most common injury is no laughing matter, and it’s mostly the driver’s fault. People who take cabs are prone to this accident. About 84,000 Americans get injured this way every year and the injuries range from cuts and broken bones caused by falling. This also makes up the largest portion of non-traffic accidents involving cars in the USA.

4. Getting Hit by a Vehicle

About 74,000 Americans are reported to be hit by a vehicle every year. Sometimes, it’s not even because the driver was pumping too much on the gas. Even at legal speeds, accidents like this can happen simply because every car or truck has its own blind spots. A lot of factors come into play including the mirrors, the shape of a car’s window, the height of the driver’s seat, and even the angle that a hill or driveway inclines.

Sadly, a huge number of accidents caused by vehicular blind spots while backing up are elderly and children. It’s very important for the driver to know just where these blind spots are so that s/he can take the needed precautions.

5. Getting Cut by a Loose Metal

Your car is certainly not made of cotton-soft cushions and baby-roof edges. Most likely, especially if you own an old vehicle, you’ll get cut by something sharp sticking out of your car’s metal body. Just to prove this theory, an average of 68,000 Americans report cuts every year caused by loose car parts. While you’re repairing your vehicle, there’s a 90% chance that you’ll scrape yourself against an unfinished edge.

Older vehicles are higher risks because they have jagged insides which can very easily cut into your flesh. The only way car owners can prevent these incidences is by maintaining the vehicle on a regular basis. This doesn’t just mean cosmetic repairs though. Keeping the engine in tiptop condition is also important.

6. Sprains and strains coming in and out of stationary cars

While you’re entering or coming out of vehicles, you can also sprain or strain one of your muscles, especially if you’re riding an SUV. Sports vehicles, on the other hand, are very awkward places to come into and come out of especially if you’re a very tall person. The deep bucket seats might be comfortable while you’re on the road, but they can strain your joints and your backs when you’re going in and out of the vehicle.

The only way you can avoid these muscle injuries is by trying to get a vehicle that’s appropriate for your body’s built. If you’re a petite girl, it might be unwise to drive a monstrous SUV. About 44,000 Americans report this problem every year.

7. Door Injuries

If you’ve been cut or bruised because a car door slammed shut on your window, you know that the door is the most dangerous part of your vehicle. About 36,000 Americans got injured because of a car door which was abruptly swung open or shut. Sometimes, swinging car doors can also hit other people who just happen to be near the vehicle. Children and elderly who use canes are most likely to fall prey to these accidents.

8. Falling from or against a pick-up truck

While it’s fun to ride at the back of a pick-up truck, about 28,000 Americans report either falling or against these open vehicles. Those who fall from windows that are left wide open also make up this population. You have to remember that the open areas of a pick-up truck are certainly not places for kids to play in, especially if the vehicle is moving. Injuries like this also happen when people sleep at the back of the pick-up while it’s stationary.

9. Getting hit by a Flying Object

An average of 20,000 Americans reported injuries caused by flying objects in the car. Heavy gadgets like laptops and coolers can be as dangerous as missiles in a moving vehicle. Packing them too loosely at the baggage compartment can cause a lot of accidents, especially when you have children on board. Better yet, just install built-in cargo racks and storage bins to reduce the risk.

When you’re transporting babies and pets, make sure that they’re properly secured onto their seats/carriers as well.

10. Radiator and Anti-freeze burns

The fluid from your radiator can reach a temperature of up to 240 degrees and could even explode when it’s under pressure. You shouldn’t be too hasty when you’re trying to fix things under the hood. An average of 9,000 Americans report burns caused by radiator fluid every year. Always use cloth or gloves when you’re trying to turn the knob. Practice extra caution when you’re handling vehicles which have overheated.

Source: Forbes

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